How do I use PHP to create a thumbnail image?

Learn how to create thumbnail images using PHP and the GD library for previews and reducing bandwidth usage on websites.

How do I use PHP to create a basic templating system?

Create a basic PHP templating system with HTML template files and placeholders to improve code organization, but consider using Twig or Smarty for complex projects.

How do I use PHP to create an online file manager?

Creating an online file manager in PHP: listing, creating, editing, and deleting files. Template creation, directory listing, form handling, and deletion.

How do I use PHP to work with geolocation data?

How to use PHP and GeoIP2 library to locate users by IP address. Provides geolocation data for web applications.

How do I use PHP to generate dynamic sitemaps?

Guide to generating dynamic sitemap using PHP for sites with changing content. Ensures search engines index latest content.

How do I use PHP to create a CSV export feature?

Guide to creating a CSV export feature using PHP for easy data manipulation in spreadsheet software. Includes sample script.

How do I use PHP to work with binary data?

Learn how to work with binary data in PHP easily and effectively using functions like fopen(), fread(), fwrite(), ord(), chr(), pack(), and unpack().

How do I use PHP to calculate the difference between two dates?

How to calculate date differences using PHP: create DateTime objs, diff them, and display with DateInterval properties. Code example included.

How do I use PHP to create a simple guestbook?

Learn to create a guestbook using PHP & text file storage. HTML form, PHP script to process & display messages. Basic guestbook for your website.

How do I use PHP to create a file download system?

Learn how to create a file download system using PHP: create a PHP script that handles downloads and an HTML file that links to it.