How do I use PHP to work with Unicode and multibyte strings?

Comprehensive guide to working with Unicode & multibyte strings in PHP for proper handling of text in different languages.

How do I use PHP to create an online poll or survey?

Learn to make an online poll using PHP, MySQL, and HTML with step-by-step instructions and code examples in this tutorial.

How do I use PHP to create a simple forum?

DIY simple forum building using PHP & MySQL with CRUD operations. Not recommended for use without added authentication, validation, and user-friendly URLs.

How do I use PHP to parse user-agent strings?

Learn to parse User-Agent strings in PHP to optimize your website for different browsers & devices. Use built-in functions & external libraries.

How do I use PHP to validate a URL?

PHP functions can efficiently validate URLs using filter_var() and parse_url(). Customization is possible. Validation ensures web app security, reliability.

How do I use PHP to create a content management system (CMS)?

Learn how to create a CMS with PHP and MySQL. Includes an admin panel and content display, but use caution in production. Suggestions for improvement included.

How do I use PHP to generate dynamic CSS stylesheets?

PHP generates dynamic CSS to customize website appearance based on factors like user preference and browser capabilities.

How do I use PHP to create a simple RESTful web service?

Create a RESTful web service using PHP and Slim. Set up project, create user class & controller, add CRUD ops. Can be adapted for complex projects.

How can I create a custom PHP function?

Learn how to create custom PHP functions for more readable, maintainable, and reusable code with this step-by-step guide.

How do I use PHP to create an image upload system?

Guide for creating a simple image upload system using PHP, including HTML form creation, server-side handling, validation, and storage.